Attack Party

Attack Party is a cross functional team which is focused on conquering and delivery feature in the shortest possible time.Attack Party typically splits up into multiple small cross functional units which them work parallely  and independently to attack multiple feature at a time.After each feature has been conquered each  cannot merges back into the main Attack Party and is redistributed to attack other feature.It is important to have a well balanced Attack Party  in terms of skill sets,behaviour and work load.

Attack Party need to follow rules  which may be as follow:

  • Dynamically assembled small teams made up of Developers/testers/ UI engineers etc.
  • Focused on attacking and completing features.
  • Possess all the required skills collectively to conquer features.
  • Attack parties can be formed/ re-formed based on the feature needs.

The Attack Party works in close collaboration with the project commander and sector commander and Recce team to ensure they have the best chance to conquer the feature but the Project Commander and Recce Party  only provide goals and guidelines to the team the final strategy and process on how to complete a feature is decided by the individual units.Attack Party typically host a daily meeting everyday to ensure all smaller units are in sink and everyone is aware of  progress of complete project.