Project Commander

Project Commander is a role(not just a designation) which is responsible for giving direction, creating the product road map, release planning and prioritisation of of features. The Project Commander typically knows well about the product, project, and domain.

The Project Commander may be from a business side or even of technical champion. Project Commander is responsible for continuously updating of the features, detailing the scope of feature, reprioritisation and helping the team to create ProjectWar Map,Battlefield Map. The Project Commander has the final say in dividing which features to attack first, Typically the Project Commander help from the Recce team and the  Attack Parties to understand the complexities involved in attacking a feature and discusses with them a plan on how to conquer that feature. The Project Commander also continuously motivates his platoon to make sure that they are in the best of mind before attacking a feature.

He also works with the team to remove any impediments challenges and getting all the necessary permission if required.

The Project Manager is also the first point of contact for all stakeholders which have an interest in the delivery of the team.He continuously updates the external stakeholders on progress of the project war and ask for any additional resources and troops which may be required to win the war.

An important aspect  to understand is even though Project Commander role closely resembles a military commander but he is more of a servant leader to the team who helps guide and monitors them to success.

On the field and during the feature execution the platoon has the ultimate decision power to chart out the possible way to success.

The Project Commander role is to provide the platoon goals and not the step by step solution.

The Project Commander may use any project and any release management rules at his disposals to the plan for the project but it is mandatory to create a visible modifiable, easily available Project War Map and Battlefield Map which the team can update as they progress.