Recce Party

Recce Party is the eyes and ears of the platoon. They are running ahead of the team to help them understand the landscape the scope and technology required to conquer a feature.Recce Party party is a bridge small between external customers and the platoon to make them understand each team of their SMEs/Architects concern and consideration etc. They also work with the Project Commander to detail out the required identify the thewho risk have involve expertise in completion of the required and in helping design and architecture of product or the system.


Recce Party development also works closely with the project area and the look sector commander to ensure that into the business overall vision and strategy are translated correctly into a technical solution. Typically architecture, Recce design Party  and may development consist aspects of system the architect software , product under architect ,business analyst and technical analyst. Recce Party host regular meeting with customers, attack party members and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is in sink, they may also update and maintain architecture does,design documents and solution overview does consideration.