Scaling Battlefield Agility

Scaling Battlefield Agility does not involve complex manures and templates and programs. Rather,Scales Battlefield Agility is a collective of multiple platoon working together to make sure war is won.

What is a sector?

A sector is a sub project area or component where a platoon is working to achieve goals of the parts of the main project. A sector represent a complete self sufficient unit of work and is managed by sector commander.

Additional Roles of Battlefield Agility:

Sector Commander: Sector Commander plays the exact role that a project commander place in a normal Battlefield environment including working with the team. It prepare the sector Battle map and sector war map in co-ordination with his platoon.

Additionally; different sector commander in some project regularly co-ordinate and collaborate with other sector commander to ensure all are aligned to main project goal. The project commander works with respective sector commander to enable collaboration, orientation and alignment of different platoon,

While scaling up it is important that each of the platoon is able to work independently as much as possible so the sector commandeer work with each other to resolve dependencies, contentious issues and common platform related changes.