The Battlefield Agility Roles

The Battlefield Team

 The Battlefield Team consists of a Project Commander, the Project Platoon, and a Sector Commander. The Battlefield Team is built upon the bedrock of trust and is always ready to deliver the finest outcomes at all developmental levels. The team is self-organizing and collaborative with a high level of coordination. Once the strategic plan is discussed the team is an owner of the further activities till the accomplishment. A competent project team executes the plan with greater accuracy and presence of mind by employing the skills and competencies at their best. There will be periodical analysis and feedforward to take strong hold of the ongoing project. The mindset is to deliver the fool-proof product in a minimum time period possible.

 The Battlefield Agility Roles

The Project Commander® is assigned a war to be won by the Executive management/ the customer. With help from his/her own experience and the Recce Party, he/she draws up a Project War Map® which describes the key problems to be conquered (called Features) and the essential ammunition and support required to win the war.

A platoon consists of 5-15 troops that are experts in their area of knowledge including software development, software testing, documentation, infrastructure or any other area of expertise as needed by the team. Each Project Platoon® is facilitated by one Project Commander®.

Recce party is a small team of SMEs/Architects etc. who have expertise in the product/ development area and look into the overall architecture, design and development aspects of the software under consideration.

Attack parties are 2-3-member teams of troops which are responsible for a particular battle in the war.

 The role played by the Sector Commander is same as that of a Project Commander the only difference is that the Sector Commander will be with the team on site to execute the project. The role is anomalous to a scrum master. The sector Commander coordinates and collaborates with other sector commanders of other platoons only to ensure the common goal is achieved.