Uses of Battlefield Agility

Though the Agility as a philosophy of employing the best framework for better deliveries finds its origin into the Agile Manifesto 2001, the Battlefield Agility can be traced even back explicitly to the Kargil War and WWIII. At these two instances, the teams had to greatly coordinate, collaborate and execute the plan in highly synergic manner.

Today the situation is no more different from that of wartime exigencies. The corporate world is ordained to be in pace with time lest it should lose the consumers hopes. Therefore, the Battlefield Agility can best serve the purpose. We can get a holistic view of the problem areas and accordingly employ small and collaborative team for accomplishing the goals


With making deliveries more effective and most probable, the whole framework of Battlefield Agility facilitates all types of complex work and work culture. Though surely can be employed for the sophisticated work environments such as software development, Battlefield Agility proves equally fruitful where there involved complexities, need of faster deliveries and the finest outcomes.